Rant deluxe

I´ve been having a really shitty time lately. In just one month both my camera and my computer has broken and now my Celga package worth atleast $500 is missing.
I don´t know how much more shit I can take.. I feel so tired and depressed. The shitload of snow and super cold weather isn´t exactly helping either. The package also contained my winter coat so now I´ll probably have to freeze to death since I can´t afford another one.

Anyway.. the tracking of the package has not been updated since the first of this month, has anyone else experienced anything like this with an EMS package before? Usually it goes really smooth and gets here in about 3 days..?
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God bless MD formulations

 Ever since I was a young teenager I´ve been in full blown (literally) war with my skin. I´ve tried every trick in the book with varying results but nothing has ever really worked on my oily/dry combination skin. I don´t know how many times I´ve looked at my reflection feeling disgusted and hopeless.

Anyway.. about a month ago I decided it was time to try out AHA acid (sounds so scary). I´m doing treatments at my dermatologist once a week and I´ve switched my old skin care products to MD formulations - and WOW! I can already see and feel a huge differnce. My skin actually has color and glow now and I can even go out without makeup without feeling ashamed of my skin.
I really, really hope this will continue to improve *keeping fingers crossed*

On another note, yonaki_85  is coming to visit me on tuesday and I´m thrilled to see her. Miss her so much!

Some sort of update..

 This summer has been both the best and the worst of my life.
It had a wonderful beginning with a week in Dalarna with my boyfriend, a couple of days in Stockholm with shibahime  and two weeks in Japan with ofinns .
Japan was everything I expected and more and I shed a few tears on the airport on my way home. Can´t wait to go there again.
When I came back to Sweden I found out that my father had fallen ill with a very rare blood disease called HLH. On the 13th of August a test result came from Stockholm that showed he also had a rare bone marrow lymphoma and he passed away that same night.
My plans had been to move to Stockholm this fall and study Japanese, but since this happened I have now moved back in with my mother to try and give her the support she needs. It´s hard, but we´ll make it through. I just miss him so very much. The house feels empty without him.


In less than a month I´m heading for Japan to visit ofinns . I´ve missed her so much and I´m so excited about the trip but I´m also very nervous. It´s the first time I´m travelling this far away and I´ll be doing it all by myself >.<

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Ten Top Trivia Tips about Frida!

1. Frida can grow up to three feet in a 24 hour period!
2. In her entire life, Frida will produce only a twelfth of a teaspoon of honey!
3. Frida was originally green, and actually contained cocaine!
4. Frida can only be destroyed by intense heat, and is impermeable even to acid.
5. Birds do not sleep in Frida, though they may rest in her from time to time!
6. Julius Caesar wore a laurel wreath to cover up Frida!
7. The original nineteenth-century Coca-Cola formula contained Frida.
8.The blood of mammals is red, the blood of insects is yellow, and the blood of Frida is blue!
9. The National Heart Foundation recommends eating Frida at least three times a week!
10. There are six towns named Frida in the United States.


So tired!

 I´m still all worn out after a hectic but fabulous weekend in Stockholm. The flea market was a total success (even bigger than last year!) I managed to sell everything except a skirt and a necklace and I snatched a pink Btssb purse and a Rose toilette jsk in mint (OMFG!)
I might post some pictures later.. ^^
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